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It serves to improve the immune response against viruses. It is a great stabilizer of the viral and bacterial world.

In acute situations it is a great therapeutic resource in conjunction with isotonic SolarVital nebulizations.

There is no interaction or contraindication with any drug or supplement, the same as SolarVital

oral, Avhirovital and Entherovital. Toxicity “0”.

It can also be applied topically.

Viruses replicate more in a medium of heavy metals.

Viruses in a non-pathological context are favorable for health. The virome is present throughout the body.

Avhirovital is also essential to stabilize the intestinal microbiota, it helps the microbiota to be maintained over time.

When there are respiratory tract infections, Avhirovital works very well. Nebulizations are very useful in any respiratory condition.

It is appropriate to regulate the immune response after viral infections, including cases such as SARS-CoV-2 infection, in this way, it seeks to optimize immune function in specific circumstances.

Avhirovital sends a signal and the immune response against viruses is launched. It is a modulator of the immune response. Allows you to recover natural immunity against viruses.

The set of viruses that inhabit an organism is called virome.

The virome plays a crucial role in both the maintenance of health and disease. In the field of the human microbiota, it is essential to take into account that phages are responsible for regulating bacterial populations.

Bacteriophages or phages are specialized viruses that parasitize bacteria, integrating into their genetic material. Phages play a key role in modulating microbial ecology, for which Avhirovital is going to play an important role

Background or maintenance dose: 2 drops 2 times a day.

Ideal in acute and post-infection viral infections: 5 times a day 2 drops, then maintain the background dose for a while and to fix the dysbiosis that occurs in the background.

Orally, these products will impact all mucous membranes.

It can be perfectly combined with adaptogenic mushrooms.

If slow viruses are reactivated, treatment with Avhirovital is ideal

It provides a universal response to an acute infection. It is a remedy that works from the deepest depths.

Ideal to prevent respiratory infections. Improves the immune response that keeps viruses at bay.

It offers a modulating effect, adapting to both situations of low and high immune response. It has been shown to be beneficial in maintaining a healthy immune system response.