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Artemisia absinthium is a tincture of the totum of the plant, that is, the entire plant that is made with a spagyric treatment.

It degrades the film or biofilm, which is a matrix of polysaccharides that bacteria make to live and protect themselves. They are multispecies structures, they live in bacteria, parasites, fungi, yeasts, etc.

Ideal to be used in bacterial infections because the main biofilm-formers are bacteria, but they are not the only ones, there are also viruses and yeasts that form biofilms.

Bacteria in biofilms are much more toxic, they behave like a super organism.

The smartest mechanism is to degrade the structures that protect them because separate organisms are not as harmful.

The mcrobiota is a highly dynamic organ and this capacity for movement gives it an impressive super capacity for adaptation.

Pathogenic biofilms become the major sources of endogenous poisoning. These, in dysbiosis where there are certain microorganisms, grow and reach a critical mass and behave like true pathogens.

Pathogenic microbiota biofilms are large producers of toxins and provide great protection for microorganisms against the organism's anLbioLcs and defenses and then show resistance to many drugs, producing endogenous infections.

Pathogenic biofilms make antibiotic treatment difficult.

A modern example of biofilms is dental plaque, the slippery material that covers river rocks. Each biofilm has a specific composition, just like the microbiota.

Biofilms are up to 97% water, and the way Entherovital works is by “drying” that biofilm, thus exposing everything that is trapped inside, from microorganisms to heavy metals and other toxins such as: insecticides, fertilizers, drugs, bisphenol , etc.

We must remember that the intestinal environment must be acidic if we want to maintain a state of intestinal Eubiosis.

Combines very well with natural anLbióLcos.

It is very useful to avoid diarrhea due to the use of antibiotics and also chronic diarrhea.