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It has a regenerative impulse, it is used in the last phase of the treatment, since everything is clean and the microbiota is good; In persistent COVID it works very well.

It promotes all types of regeneration and not only at the level of the nervous system. It has antiaging effects.

You can gain a very quick state of attention. It works from the enteric nervous system (ENS) signaling about minerals (calcium) dendritic spines and signaling from the intestine, the connection between dendrites is recovered.

If the molecule is more universal, the effects are more varied and the bioavailable energy is directed towards regeneration processes and all processes occur simultaneously.

These salts drive regeneration mechanisms, obviously regeneration will work much better when the system is clean.

It is very friendly to children and the elderly to help them continue building.

Promotes bone and neuronal regeneration.

Regenerium allows it to be redirected, adding homeopathic and homotoxicological substances.

Allows you to add frequency patterns with ESBIA, for example the frequency patterns are taken from the implant area and copied to Regenerium.

Potassium acetate salts are Regenerium salts that store energy that provide impulses of regeneration.

In a neurodegenerative disease it can be included from the beginning so that the deterioration does not progress.

Promotes regeneration of all tissues.

It will also promote the regeneration of mucous membranes, for example the vaginal mucosa.

Regenerium is very similar to construction and reconstruction, it is a very elastic molecule.

In older people it is recommended to avoid cognitive deterioration, and a maintenance dose is 3 or 4 drops per day.

If there is deterioration, the dose is increased.

On an empty stomach, oral SolarVital is better, and Regenerium in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Regenerium can be used to boost repair of any connective tissue.

Remember that living intoxicates, the important thing is to promote detoxification processes with Prana Salts.

PRANA SALTS GIVE US negative entropy, that is, they help us fix disorder.