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Solar Vital


It is a blank check for the body to have that energy when it needs it most.

It is bioavailable energy for life, which our body will use for what is most important.

With this we respect the intelligence and wisdom of the body.

The first thing the body does is detoxify; Toxins interfere with our health and the proper functioning of our body, therefore, it cleans the environment that surrounds the cells, that is, it cleans the extra cellular matrix (ECM).

We have to give the body time to eliminate toxins. It is common that after using oral SV for a while, mineralization occurs because the bioavailability of minerals as well as nutrients increases.

Subsequently, enzymatic reactivation occurs, which is equal to HEALTH.

It has the quality that it cleans on all levels, that is, all bodies depending on where it is a priority.

There are those who start with mental or emotional states.

That decision is made by the system because for the body it was a priority to start there.

Take it better on an empty stomach, separated from meals so that part of the energy does not go away with digestion and thus the energy is not diverted and it cannot be repaired, regenerated, cured, cleansed. Between 15 minutes and half an hour. Not at night because it can cause problems falling asleep.

It is a great resource for polymedicated people or people with sensitivity to some chemical substance.

If medications are taken, it helps detoxification and will never be contraindicated. There is no interaction with any medication because it is bioavailable energy.

It can also be given during chemotherapy, even on the day of chemo.

All heavy metals are eliminated and cleaned but only those at the extracellular level.

More than one vial can be taken, the dose can be increased without problem, and the dose is lowered until the effect can be sustained.

It can be used in pregnant women, breastfeeding women, in children, it is energy, it does not cause any problems.

Another ability of Solarvital is to alkalize the systemic pH, this product will clean ALL the organs.

As we take it we become a magnet of prana, it is as if it opens the possibility of capturing the sun's energy directly and without having to do any chemical process.

Detoxification is by all means: sweat, feces, urine. OXYGENATES THE FABRICS, in addition to cleaning them.

Orally, they promote immediate detoxification of the extracellular matrix and, in the long term (6 or 8 months), intracellular and even intranuclear detoxification.

Universality: It is useful in any pathology.

Solar Vital