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Hello Spring

Perfect time to start working on yourself! You might have slightly lost track of self-care but there is still plenty of things you can do to get back on track during this season.


Here are a few wellness tips to welcome Spring.


  1. Wake Up Early

Start your morning with getting out of bed earlier than usual. You’ll wake up to a full day ahead to do all the things on your list and many more. You get more hours of daylight, so this will help you do activities you usually can’t get to during the winter.


  1. Eat Fresh

This spring fill your diet with lots of fresh produce. Eating raw fruits and veggies may help speed the cleanse and detox of your body. Especially from all the unhealthy foods you ate during the cold winter days, including the holidays.


  1. Enjoy Outdoors

Perfect time to get out and enjoy the weather, it’s the best time to start walking more! Walking is the best exercise you can do to boost your cardio without giving you next day soreness. Exercising will help your metabolism, relieve stress and get you to enjoy the nature of spring.


  1. Drink Tea

Whether you’re looking to replace your energy drink and boost it with a healthier choice, a cup of tea is def your go to. Tea has many antioxidants and it’s your best natural energy boost that you won’t find in any other drink. It’s your perfect drink to support your spring wellness tips!  


Don’t worry if you lost a bit of track on your self-care during the winter days, spring is here to start again! Make sure to visit our Wellness collection this spring. Try out our YUMMY Black Tea fortified with L-Carnitine for that energy boost!