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How to Make Modern Matcha

You can consume Matcha Green Tea as a tea, a latte or a smoothie! You can also use it for baking purposes like for some yummy pancakes!


Here’s what you need: a frother, a measuring spoon, mini stainless pot, and your Human Way Premium Matcha powder.


Step 1. Pour water or milk (a cup) into your mini pot and let it boil for a few minutes.


Step 2. Carefully, pour your boiling cup of water/milk into your teacup.


Step 3. Add your scoop of 1 ½ teaspoons (measuring scoop included) of match powder into your teacup.


Step 4. Use your frother to stir and mix your matcha powder. This will help ensure there are no clumps in your tea.


Step 5. Enjoy your sip of Matcha tea!


Tips for a CUTE Instagram feed picture:

If you prefer an ice cold Matcha drink, follow steps above with water, let it cool down for about a minute and add ice cubs into your teacup then pour half a cup of cold milk into your teacup!