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Benefits of Drinking Matcha Green Tea

Do you wake up to an energy drink? Here are some benefits to choose matcha as your energy drink!

Energy Boost

Unlike an energy drink or a cup of coffee, matcha gives you an energy boost and keeps you calm other than leaving an anxious feeling. This made matcha tea a drink for meditation sessions that helped to be both calm and alert.

Boost Memory and Concentration 

Matcha contains a dose of L-Theanine, it naturally improves your memory and increases your concentration. L-Theanine in green tea allows your brain to focus and concentrate on essential tasks. 

Weight Loss 

Matcha can boost your metabolism, the rate in which your body burns calories each day. Start your day with a cup of matcha and this just might be your essential weight loss secret. Due to its high concentration of EGCG in matcha, the increase of rate in which fat is burned is pretty high. 

Fortifies the Immune System

Matcha promotes your overall health and strengthens your immune system, its high in antibiotic properties. One cup of matcha gives you potassium, calcium also vitamins C and A.

 Heart Health

Research has proven drinking matcha is good for your heat. The catechins in green tea lower your cholesterol and decrease the risk of suffering a stroke.